Dmitrius Yakovlev was born in Sebastopol USSR. He began to work as a photographer
in 2010 under the pseudonym of Dmitrius Yakovlev.
Before this he graduated from university and got 2 diplomas of a lawyer and economist.
He has also got musical education (piano, 8 years of study).

       My work is currently focused in the field of Fashion photography for Vogue magazine (Italy),
         for Theatre of Opera (Belgium), and also have a collection for (France).
       As you can see my work is appreciated in Europe, but as of now, I do not have an opportunity to get in to galleries of NY.

Cooperation with:

Couturiers and fashion designers:
Valentin Yudashkin
Slava Zaytsev

Actors and artists:
 Aleksei Guskov, Alexander Yatsko, Anna Legchilova, Glafira Tarhanova,
 Karina Andolenko, Mikhail Bogdasarov, Mikhail Gorevoy, Ivan Zhidkov,
Svetlana Ivanova, Stanislav Duzhnikov, Vladimir Eremin, Nikolay Lazarev and others.


In a world where no one sees beauty, I want to remain committed to art.
                                                  Project support.
                                                Yandex money
                                                                                                                     QIWI number of wallet for donations: +79788185642