Dmitrius Yakovlev was born in Sebastopol USSR. He began to work as a photographer
in 2010 under the pseudonym of Dmitrius Yakovlev.
Before this he graduated from university and got 2 diplomas of a lawyer and economist.
He has also got musical education (piano, 8 years of study).

In 2012 he began to shoot portraits and fashion. Before this he worked with candid shots.
In 2012 Dmitrius Yakovlev opened a photo studio in Sevastopol. Cooperation with:

Couturiers and fashion designers:
Valentin Yudashkin
Slava Zaytsev

Actors and artists:
 Aleksei Guskov, Alexander Yatsko, Anna Legchilova, Glafira Tarhanova,
 Karina Andolenko, Mikhail Bogdasarov, Mikhail Gorevoy, Ivan Zhidkov,
Svetlana Ivanova, Stanislav Duzhnikov, Vladimir Eremin, Nikolay Lazarev and others.


 From the very beginning of his career Dmitrius Yakovlev has been
working passionately and tirelessly. He has very high approach to the quality of his works in his art.

At the present time he is looking for the active agencies in Europe and America. He is also
 aiming to cooperation with european and american magazines, designers and fashion
 agencies. Dmitrius works in Moscow but he also works in Russia, Europe. His aim is to be
 much-in-demand in Europe and America.

In a world where no one sees beauty, I want to remain committed to art.
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